Margie Steele, MAOM


Margie's Medical Billing


  • Master's of Arts in Organizational Management
  • 2003 Antioch University, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
  • 2000, Cal Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • 1998, Cuesta College AS, AA, AA, AA
  • General Education, Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Work Experience:

  • Medical Billing, independent contractor 2008-present
  • Teaching occupational job skills- 2002-2006
  • Returned to school 1995-2002


  • MS Office, QuickBooks
  • Various Data-Based programs designed for billing
  • Management
  • Skills development

I had the good fortune to re-start my career path, although later in life than one would hope. I found returning to college an opportunity not only to attain an education but to get to know my own value as a person and as an employee. I found my dedication to my work in class translated from all my past work experience.

I not only offer each of my clients personalized support, I know the amount of work involved in getting an education, building a business and using each of my abilities to build success for both of us.

It is my job to remain current on all changes regarding billing and the problems that can arise as changes are being made to meet the needs of the challenges facing the health care industry and the insurance companies.

I recognize the need insurance companies feel to remain profitable. Delays in payments is one short term solution for the company to operate on your money. If I find a company delaying payments I submit a written demand for payment with interest, for the delay.

Together we can improve your cash flow. You will be able to spend time building your business or in more pleasurable pursuits such as time with friends, family, or perfecting your golf game.